An Introductory Guide to Work Permit

Work Permit can often called a Work Visa, it is denoted as the permission or the access to work or take a job in non-native country on the behalf of some terms and conditions.So, the rules that are practiced in different countries for going there as an employee are distinct. On the followed terms and values one should have the find the career and growth opportunity in international land.So, In this blog, we are going to discuss the basic introductory type guide about work permits for different countries across the globe, especially which lures migrators the most.

European Countries:

  • In October 2007, they started the permit that allows non-European residents to work for them and named the proposal as “Blue Card”.
  • They also sign a contract with the working employees.

United Kingdom:

  • There are seven different ways to apply for a work permit in the UK.
  • Work Permit is re-issued every 3 months.
  • Generally, requires a job application from a UK company to enter the territory.
  • Visa can be extended as per requirement up to the permanent settlement in the country.


  • Russian Federal Migration Service is the concerned authority of the country which deals with immigration and visa’s matters.
  • Foreign citizens can also visit without a visa. They can reside under the period of temporary stay which is of 90 days and can be extended up to 1 year in case of any working agreement.


  • Concerned authority in Canada is Canada Immigration and Citizenship which allows working foreigners under the Temporary Foreign Working Program (TFWP).
  • The peoples can be entered in the territory under any of the four mentioned category:
  1. High Skilled Workers
  2. Low Skilled Workers

III. Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

  1. Live-In Caregiver Program


  • In this country, the Ministry of Manpower takes the charge of immigration and citizenship which comes under the act of Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA).
  • There are three main work category of passes which allows you to work there.
  1. Work Permit
  2. S Pass

III. Employment Pass


Others are: Entre Pass, Work Holiday Pass Training Employment Pass.

South Africa

  • Three kinds of visas or permits is formed at this country which have different set of rules and choose by the individuals as preferred.
  1. Genera Work Visa/ Permit
  2. Critical Skills Visa/Permit
  • Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa/ Permit


  • Department is under the control of the Ministry of Labour of Thailand.
  • Process of Application of Working takes 7 days for approval.
  • The Thai government also imposes the charges on the working individual according to the tenure of living.



Each country in the world has its own set of rules and regulations to invite foreigners as workers. Simultaneously, they are also responsible for protecting the culture as well as regional jobs. Policies that are framed for international workers should also not violate human rights and they have their freedom in all manner. These values are ensured by the countries at their levels as well as WTO keep its sharp eyes on them.


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